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LED furniture is a sure-fire way to really make your event stand out from all others. As most evening parties and events are set in low-light situations, LED furniture can add light and color in a fun, original way. Unlike any kind of furniture you or your guests have ever seen, LED furniture glows in the dark and can change colors as you desire. It can be controlled to fit the mood you are trying to create.

If you want to make your private party a big event, we recommend our LED furniture. Young people love this lounge furniture. Once breaking the darkness at the party, shine the previously transparent white plastic furniture by battery power in colorful neon colors.

In event, LED plastic furniture is decorated in neutral white and may be illuminated.  The curved seating elements "Wave" can be set up variably. The colors of the individual seat elements can be adapted individually. Even gradients are programmable. As the control center used a tablet or a handy remote control.


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