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 Private individuals use LED lounge furniture preference for celebrations and parties in a wider context. For example, for birthdays in semi-private, semi-public context. Or for large events such as wedding receptions. Here are lounge furniture, the furniture of choice. Your guests will appreciate in any case, if it takes the uncomfortable beer tent sets outfitted with modern and spacious lounge furniture. Lounge Events advises you free and professional to the possible combinations.
chic and practical are LED plastic furniture. From simple seat to the illuminated bar table there are a number of ways to enhance a room. undoubtedly ensure the LED tables in design form for special accents.

The waterproof problem is a important feature in the LED furniture. Garden, Swimming pool, Plaza etc.. It won’t be a problem. IP65 waterproof level can achieve your request.

illuminated furniture is more than just a trend. By atmospheric design with LED furniture lounge comes alive. LOUNGE EVENTS offers a wide range of luminous furniture. From LED bar tables above LED seat cubes, LED sofas and LED counters bishin to LED vases and LED lounge Islands.


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