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led table lamp
  • Stone lamp
Stone lamp

Stone lamp

  • Model: Stone lamp
  • Size:41.5*16.5*19.5cm
  • LED light base size: 120mm
  • LED quantity :4Pcs 5050 RGB+ 4Pcs5050white
  • Battery capacity :850 MAH
  • charging time : 4~6 hours
  • working time :8~12 hours
  • Remote control distance :5~8 m
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1.Do not expose the light to fire or high temperature

2.Please keep the battery full charge when the products are not in use  to extend the built in battery life time.

3.First use of the product, be sure bettery discharge completely , in order to extend the product life time.

4. Accessories are including remote controller, charger, both are not waterproof, please dont touch water.

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