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Rotational molding process introduction

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Rotational molding, also known as rotational molding, rotary molding, rotary molding, rotary casting, rotary molding, etc., the English expression is the Rotational Molding. Rotational molding process is the first plastic raw materials added to the mold, and then along the vertical axis of the mold and rotate the two constantly heated, the mold of plastic raw materials in the role of gravity and thermal energy, gradually uniform coating, melt adhesion to the mold The cavity on the entire surface, forming the required shape, and then by cooling stereotypes from products. In this case,plastic and composite materials, there are many processing and molding process, in addition to our common extrusion, injection molding, blow molding and other processes, rotational molding is a plastic products processing methods. At present, the rotomolding industry abroad is developing very fast, and the rotational speed of the rotomolding industry is lower than other plastic molding processing industry due to various factors, such as the slow processing cycle and the materials used.

Apparently, the rotational efficiency of the product is very low. Generally, a product take 30-60 minutes time ranging for production, including forming, cooling, removable mold. So the amount of product is determined by the number of molds, you have a number of molds on the machine rotation production at the same time, it will improve the efficiency.


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